Sunday, 13 March 2016

Two HIV positive children from Bangalore participated in Children’s Olympics, Netherlands

Sneha Charitable Trust (SCT) founded in 2003 is a non profitable organisation providing social and community health care services to the poor, sick and the most neglected section of our society in India. SCT has many care centres for Children and adults living with HIV across India. We give prime importance to the healthcare of each and every person living under our care. They have been given exposures in many co-curricular activities as part of their education. Champion in me is first-of-its-kind project in the world, this programme deals with sports for children living with AIDS. The focus here is to eradicate stigma and discrimination through sport as a medium; to empower these kids with the right to play sports; to get them to the mainstream; and to also work on the immune system of the kids. 

We are working with 400 plus kids in our care centres and many more on outreach across Karnataka.” Every year, on the 1st of December, we conduct sports meet exclusively for children with HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Elvis Joseph, the founder of BSSF and a close associate of Sneha Charitable Trust, has been working towards the training of young sportspersons since the inception of Bangalore Schools Sports Foundation (BSSF). With the support of his organisation we have been successful in identifying two boys with exceptional performing calibre to participate in the children’s Olympics in 2015.

Budding sportspersons, Babu and Manik were trained for six months to take part in the tournament held in June. The duo has shattered the myth that being HIV positive is the end of the road. This is something that had never happened before anywhere in the world, and the members of the Olympics committee were also very excited about it.

Among the many kids, Babu and Manik have been very special because they have been a cut above the rest. They have been participating in all the main stream projects and sports meets that are happening, track and field events happening in the city and they have been qualified for the international children's games which is a children's Olympics. 

‘It’s very tough to get motivated if you have nothing to train for but our children run almost 10 kilometres every morning to keep up their energy level, an excellent recipe to stay healthy’ Says Baby Ellickal, the president, Sneha Charitable Trust.

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