Saturday, 16 February 2013


Did you see the picture above? Are you wondering what it is .....yes it is my head. Looking horrible ....yes it was much more horrible to experiance. Let me tell you my story. I am Malli, an 8 year old HIV positive girl, my mother is also sick with HIV and i have an elder sister who is healthy. I do not know what is really wrong with me. I was always sick and I have never gone to school so far. I think it is almost a year back my head started itching and small wounds appeard in my head. My mother took me to different hospitals they gave some medicine but it only became worse. Pus started pouring out of my head and my head became a hunting ground for flies to the extent of laying eggs.

One day I found something moving in my head, I put my hand and pulled....oh it was a big worm. Then I cannot really explain it was a horrible experiance, so many of them moving in my head and biting. I was taken to different big hospitals but as I was so ugly, no one really dared to admit me.

Finally I reached a place called SnehaKiran a care center run by Camillian missionaries most commonly known as friends of the sick. For the first time some one touched my head. It was painful experiance as the brother washed me, cleaned me and took the worms out; this went on for 4 days and then a great relief no more worms in my head. They say I have TB, with the treatment and care my wounds are healing and I put on 5 Kgs in one month. I will soon be going to school for the first time in my life.I want to become a doctor in life so that no one else  has to suffer like me.....Thank you for going through my story. Please do remember me in your prayers.

Lovingly Malli.

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'God bless you and your family for the kindness shown towards these people'

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